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Thanks for the reply Whipplem

Well I seem to live an learn. It does give me a lot more respect for our Configuration Management Team where I work. At this time I'm really screwed because I updated the output shaft using the Sonax reducing bushing. Had I known all this I would have just replaced the front bushing with a new one and buttoned the whole thing up. So in any case my next step is to try to find a 78 tooth input shaft with the needle bearing installation.

It appears that part number 140 270 16 25 was the first changed input shaft to require the smaller diameter output shaft pilot. But is there any way I can find out how many teeth this shaft has and is it still available. Is there a Mercedes parts questions hot line.

I think it may be time to visit my local AMMCO dealer and make deals with this shaft. It does appear that I got the shaft and would rather not have it.
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