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The problem is that MB does not reference parts this way. Someone would have to know the part number of the shaft with the different teeth and the compatible part numbers for the other parts. MB just gives updated part #s and notes for other required updates. Also the part numbers on the part may or may not mean anything for looking it up. It just is not worth the time for anyone due to volume to pay any attention to any of this. Really I am not suggesting that you get another transmission because it is easy but because it is also cheaper. Any v8-v12 will work. The only differences is the number of clutches once you have the larger nag1 or wa580. You already have all the different clutch sets from your transmission. Other than that you just swap the front cover so it bolts up. I always get 2000 or newer transmissions unless I needed a m119 bellhousing for some reason. Most of the major improvements were done by then but they updated parts to the very end. We use to have sheets made up when we were rebuilding these all the time for the updates but those sheets had to be updated constantly and once we stopped rebuilding them everyday no kept after it.
Did you price the inner multiple-disc carrier/clutch that has the opposing gears. You just need to check to make sure that the outer fits also if you update. You can see it is pretty easy to spend 1500-2000 for just half the transmission and you still have all the old parts on the back half.
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