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Ok, was wondering what some of your thoughts might be concerning this matter..

420SEL came into our dealer on a flatbed truck, wouldn't run.. After diagnosis, we found a popped timing chain. The owner didn't want to put the $6,600 into the car to repair it (I can't understand why, it's in mint condition other than the engine). So she offered me the car for $1,000! Of course, I accpeted readily and now the car is sitting in my driveway either waiting for me to do a chain and have the heads redone or maybe drop in a rebuilt or junkyard engine. Metric Motors is asking $6,200 for a rebuilt longblock, AAA Small Car World wants like $900 for an engine (guaranteed to run), or it'll cost me $1,100 to do the chain and heads myself. So basically I am wanting some opinions on junkyard engines. I think $6,200 may be a little too much to spend, and I can certainly do the chain myself here at home, but would like to save the aggrivation by trying a salvage engine. Please help!

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