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Thanks for the info all. I guess i'm going to live with the fact that nobody including mercedes has a specific recommendation for my 606 turbodiesel engine. To group it with the other gasoline engines is silly, as they have different oil needs. I guess what MB DOC has said is probably the closest to mercedes' recommendation that I'm going to get. I wish it were easy like the VW, on my tdi - its simple, 5w-40 CH-4 synthetic, PERIOD.

I was trying to decide between amsoil's series 3000 5w-30 and Mobil's Delvac 1 5w-40. Since the tdi runs on 5w-40, and the benz seems to have no preference as far as recommendations go, Delvac 1 it is.

I would highly recommend either of the two oils I've mentioned, as they are FAR and above the best two diesel oils out there. Something like Mobil 1 or Castrol Syntec doesn't even compare.

Thanks again.
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