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The "0W-40 Turbo Diesel" available in Germany (not available in the US) should be the perfect oil for the 606 diesel engines.

The "0W" and some "5W" are for marketing purpose only. For example, Mobil 1's 0W-40 is considerably THICKER than 10W-30 at 40 deg C. Yes, "0W" is thicker than "10W" at 40 deg C. This marketing gimmick started when someone says "most of the wear occurs at start-up". Then some clever oil marketer said let's call our 10W-40 or 12W-40 (that is really how the 0W-40 behaves) 0W-40 so people think thee is no wear at startup.

When comparing how thin and how thick an oil is, both numbers in front of and behind the "W" need to be looked at. "0W" is not necessarily thinner than "5W". It also depends on the second number (30 or 40, for example).

In the list MBDOC mentioned, the approved 5W-30 is NOT Mobil 1 (it is an oil made by Shell that is only available in Europe). Mobil 1 5W-30 and 10W-30 do not meet any of the current MB specs and MB specifically says they are NOT recommended in MB cars.

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