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sorry to hear about your car. In my experience the sum total answer to all of your questions is: It depends.

The real confirmation is the alignment after all the work is done. If the car, on a four-wheel rack, comes into alignment, within specs, the repairs are fine.

You will get as many answers as contributors on this one. I would recommend continuously telling your repair company that you need to know if the car will not come into factory specs. Get them to state this on your repair order. Do not accept it if they will not. Then tell your insurance company. That is what you paid them for.

Finally, ask the repair shop to speak to the people (person) who is doing the repairs. BE FRIENDLY. Tell them you brought to them because you know they are the ones who A) know how to fix these cars correctly B) would be able to see if anything else had been impacted. Ask the repair person if they see (have seen) and other collateral damage. For an example, were the steering links impacted, etc. You may be amazed what you hear.

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