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C280 rough idle/check engine light

Hi again.

One other thing I forgot to ask. My '95 C280 (with 75K miles) started idling really rough (felt like I was in a old diesel car) and the check engine light came on. This happened yesterday and although the light stayed on until I disconnected the battery for a while it doesn't happen every time I drive the car. So its an intermitten problem with rough idling but when it does occur that light comes on.
I have not taken it in yet to get the codes b/c I was hoping to diagnose the problem, then disconnect the battery to see if I could avoid going to the dealership.
I haven't owned the car too long and the dealership won't give me the history on the car w/o the previous owner's permission- what a crock! I just want to see what maintenance the car has had in the past.
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