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Okay, so last night I put in some fuel system cleaner and got in the car. It was running worse than before...The intermitent boom turned into a more generally rough idle. I tried to locate the OVP. I see several small silver squares above the fusebox on the passenger kickpanel, but don't know which one it is. Any help?

Today I took it over to the local independant (Roxbury Foreign Car Repair in Northern NJ) to have look at the fuse. In the way there the problem worsened and the engine was rough accelerating up to about 2500 rpm.

I got there, the whole problem went away, we did not look at the OVP fuse and I drove off (I did however schedule to have the timing chain replaced as a maintenenace item).
He said maybe a fuel injector is sticking or there is some other fuel management issue. He basically said it could be a hundred things...

Two miles later the problem resurfaced and now the car just idels rough, but at the right speed. The engine remains rough up to about 2000 RPM, but still puills fine without any hesitation. I don't think it's misfiring. It starts up just fine.

Anyway, neither he nor the dealer can look at it for a couple of weeks so I'[ll just drive it until I take it in for the timing cahin on 5/21 - unless I break down or it gets much worse. I'm not really a do it yourselfer excpet for minor, minor, minor things (and interior, trim stuff).

Any thoughts/ideas would be great, otherwise I'll report back later.


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