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SO CAL GTG April 2009 Valencia CA.

Here's the scoop.
When: April 4' 2009
Where: Valencia MB parking lot(which One TBD).
What: GTG, bull session, swap meet, raffle, and drive up Bouquet Canyon, and other local canyons to lunch.

Order of events:
8:00 A.M.-11:00 A.M.arrival and swap meet.

11:00 A.M. Raffle drawing. Proceeds will be donated to Colin Coon and Ol' Norm Green Machine Project.

Colin purchased Ol' Norm from Tyler and will convert to WVO and do a RT cross country drive to prove the viability of alternative fuels. He will be filtering on the fly as he will bring a filtering apparatus with him. Proceeds will be donated to Colin to help with his fundraising to do this project and they'll help him get home to Florida.
Colin has a website and is taking donations (Paypal registered) to fund this project. Either Monetary or WVO or new Veggie Oil.
If your donations are paid through Paypal I think it is tax deductible.

11:30 A.M. drive up Bouquet Canyon. to Spunky Canyon, to San Fransisquito Canyon, through Green Valley to Elizabeth Lake Road. West to Lake Hughes for Lunch at the Rock Inn. Return trip down a local canyon back to Valencia or back to I-5. Plenty of time for photos, etc. Drive will be one of the shorter ones, but in the canyon about 3 miles from the dealership, on Bouquet Canyon Rd. within a mile of the dealership.

Everyone welcome.
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