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Out of sheer coincidence, I had to take my dads sl600 to our mechanic today. The Sl lost reverse gear completely. probably just a broken band in the tranny.

I had some time to chat with my mechanic, and I told him about the damage. I'm going to trailer the car to him on friday or saturday, and we are going to look it over up on the rack and see if there is any bending of the control arm mounts or anything else that would prevent it from being aligned correctly, or that would require it to be put on a frame rack.

If all goes well, and it doesn't need the frame work, I'm going to have my mechanic do all the repairs apart form the bodywork. I trust him to do it correctly, and only him.

As far as the bodywork, if all goes well, since the car just needs the front fender wheel arch at the front bumper connection straightened out a bit, and a new front bumper cover, I should be able to get the bodykit I wanted.

I know I'm definately getting the wheels, and if I dont do the bodykit, I'll be getting the sport shocks to go along with it.

Or if all works out, I should be able to do the bodykit, wheels, tires, and shocks and still have some dough left over.

I'll let everyone know what my mechanic says. I'm about to post pictures I took today of his shop in the good shops forum.

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