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Still lost

1. It does seem like a fuse thing because the radio, climate control, fan speed and the power window switches are also not illuminating. I canít find this fuse back there I donít think I have one, Iíd unscrew all the black/brown lamp holders and they are all lamps large and small. Could youall tell the exact location for this fuse?
2. I can solder too, I mean look Iíd replace the capacitors on the clock this past summer but I donít think itís a short, because I didnít have the instrument cluster out for any reason since then, it just went, I had the car for over 11 years and this was the first timeÖ I drove it parked it, When I got in and drove it the next night thatís when it happen, I turn the head lights on, they came on but no dash lights! Not sure whatís going on.

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