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man, look for; those have a chip that gets u to abt 205 hp IIRC.
Any way look at the performance of the engine in several of my vids and ull see how quickly the engine revs to over redline. And i did state that i have a non stock exhaust front to back and engine is tip top shape and CIS always cared for, those affect the performance alot, add to that i always install the best sparks from BOSCH and always change them before they wear out.

Any way HP figures mean nothing, it’s the way the car performs in the end, I do have a dyno proof at 203 or 204 HP, but I did enhance that after the dyno runs, any way 210 is what I expected it to be giving.

Then I use light weight rims I mean I had 15in SLK rims weighing in at 9 LB each, and that helps in the HP to the wheels a lot.
There is much use in me claiming any power I didn’t have, and I have posted several vids of my car, and it shows it was no sloth
CIS Mercs have alot of power hidden in them as they were tuned for economy, i have a dyno for my old w123 m110 280 ce 1981 at 200hp, and thats with no ECU, just propper tune and setup of the CIS

Again I say check the powerchips site:
-1995 Blue W202 C36 AMG (M) SOLD ;(
-1995 Black W140 S500 (Lady)
-1992 Black W124 E300 (Dima) (Ex-Mosselman
Twin turbo Kit).
-1988 Black W124 300 E 4-Matic.(Nadeen)
-1983 Brown W126 500SEL.(Old Lady)(Sold)
-1981 Gold W123 280CE.(Dareen)(Sold)

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