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A Curly One for Benzmac, or whoever.

I hope that your as good as i belive you are, this is weird, 87 300e.

Abs dash light comes on aprox 5-10 seconds after starting if i let it stand idling, even if i bring the revs up.

But if i get under way even if it`s at idle crawling speed it never comes on until i stop for 5-10 seconds again.

So what i did was jack up the front start the car and slowly spin the wheel (R/H side) light stays off, stop spinning that wheel and the light comes on.

So i figured which sensor is playing up.

Cleaned it and the hub, but did`nt fix the problem.

Measured the resitance of the sensor to the other side and their exactly the same.

Please BenzMac have the answer!
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