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Question 82 300D Cooling Questions

Hi everyone. I really need some help here on my 300D. My problem is that my car has been running what I feel is to hot lately. It is running between 95DC and 105DC under normal driving. I started up a very steep incline the other day and it went on past 105c, so I promptly turned around and proceeded back down the hill! The car has around 200,000 on it and runs great except for this problem. The clutch fan seems to be working well, I installed a new MB stat today and flushed the radiator (with water, as not to damage it with anything to strong). None of this did anygood. As a matter of fact just to check, I filled the system with 100% water to see if this cooled the car down.... it did not. My electric fan is not functioning but I think the car should run cooler than this on the highway. By the way, I've narrowed the electric fan problem down to the coolant fan switch, but I can't seem to locate it.....duuuuuh! I anyone has any idea where I might find this creature I would love to know this as well. I also installed the MB stat before I was informed that the arrow needed to be pointed up, could this be the problem? Anyway what I would like to know is.....where do these cars run normally temp wise, at what temp does the electric fan kick on at, and does anyone know why my car is running this warm? I live in Waynesville, NC so the temp this time of year is usually between 70-80F.

Thanks in advance,
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