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300SDL Resurrection

It's time I started this thread. I bought a 1986 300SDL on eBay in the winter of 2002-2003.

This was the sale picture of the car. It was non-running. All I really knew was the engine was blown. I had the car delivered and I trailered it up to my moms farm (we can't have non-running non-registered cars here) for later disassembly. The exterior of the car looks great. The paint is in like-new condition. However, the interior was very worn. The springs were shot in both seats, and the texture was worn off the steering wheel. My suspicions were confirmed. I don't think this car has 216k miles on it. I think it is more like 316k.

In June of 2003 I took out the engine and trans. Here is the engine out on on a stand. You can see a LOT of oil all over, and a hole in the block where the number 6 piston resides. In fact, you can see the big-end of the connecting rod in the hole. I took most of the engine apart and later that year I had the transmission rebuilt by a shop in Cummins, Georgia.

Most of the next 5 years were spent on construction projects and acquiring parts. First, I needed a block. A nice forum member donated a block wich I had shipped from Oregon. I got a whole piston set for less than $1000 on ebay and I also acquired all the seats and door panels from a '91 560SEL and a replacement carpet set. It looks like I'll be rebuilding the interior as well as the drivetrain.

I brought the car back home this fall so I could work on it here. First, I washed out the engine bay.

This summer I had the block resleeved and the crankshaft reconditioned. Then I got busy with rebuilding the engine in a 240D my son bought. Now that that one is done, I can get to this one. I put the engine on my engine stand last weekend and now I'm getting my connecting rods ready. I was missing an end-cap and another nice forum member sent me some. Now I;m mating pieces together and with some grinding tomorrow, will get 6 balanced connecting rods.

It appears that the engine was rebuilt for, or by the previous owner and the conrod end-cap came off. I don't know why. The bolts didn't break. There's nothing in the threads, which means they both loosened up and came off. Looking at the number on the connecting rods and end caps, it also looks like it was assembled with parts from multiple engines. Lucky me, they used a #22 head.
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