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Porting M110

Hi folks

I have this cylinder head that I want to improve.

This is my analysis: exhaust ports are within 1 mm of the valve head side (approx 39mm) so as mild polish will do - no porting. The intake ports are substantially smaller than the valve head ( head: 45 mm, port approx 37 (avg).

What is the logic of this

IMHO, the ports look very restrictive and should be opened up by several mm. These small ports ensure good gas velocity but I was always under the impression that a port close to the valve size was ideal. This engine produces max. torque at 4000 rpm which certainly does not make it a big torquer despite the very mild camshafts.

Would 40 mm ports kill the torque ? I see not why...

For instance when I compare this head to a BMW 318 M10, the Benz looks strangely constricted and the BMW makes its max torque at the same rpm despite a more agressive camshaft, similarly sized valves and bigger ports (1-2 mm smaller than valve heads.

Any opinions ?

Lion sur Mer
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