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Increasing the port size is going to alter the engine characteristics.

It would all depend on what you have planned for the engine.

You will gain mid-range and upper end performance but lose out on lower end torque.

Larger intake ports will require more rpms for the vaccum needed for the gas flow velocity. This makes for reduced "in-town" driveability.

If you're driving a W107 manual transmission then it's not a big deal but if you're driving a W114 automatic and you cruise through town then you'll actually be reducing the efficiency of the engine.

A fuel injected engine would be the best choice for this upgrade as you are not as dependent on the vacuum from the engine to "swirl" the fuel mixture.

Your best bet would be to "match" the ports between the intake manifold and the head and then a quick polish. This will keep the low end torque and improve the flow at the mid to upper range.
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