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2yrs new 1992 300E 2.6(used) AC wasn't too cold when bought though CAA(eqAAA)tested it and said it was OK.
2 weeks ago cleaned air filter.Loosened fat hose connected engine and air filter housing with the skinny little plastic tube attached in the middle of the hose.Did I do any damage?Now no cold air.Took it to mechanic.He did a paper clip test on the valve near the driver's side firewall.Gas came out.Compressor working.He said that it's not due to lack of R12.May be climate control unit.May take a few days to sort out.Cost unknown.

Any damage due to air filter cleaning?
What else would be wrong if the compressor is working and freon is adequate?
Whatever problem it is,since the heating is working,and it is going to be colder in the next few weeks in Toronto(the Great white north),can it be left till next spring or summer?

Tom 1992 300E 2.6