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Re: C280 rough idle/check engine light

Originally posted by sugardoo
I haven't owned the car too long and the dealership won't give me the history on the car w/o the previous owner's permission- what a crock! I just want to see what maintenance the car has had in the past.
As an MB owner, you should appreciate the position that the dealer is in. You do not want people accessing information about your car without your permission. Previous warranty work information should be released to you without any problem, but service information will require the PO's consent.

The PO and the dealer entered into a contract for automobile repair, and the information contained in those records belongs to them, not the car itself. Were I a dealer, I would follow the same practice.

As to the PO not allowing you access to the information, I would have hesitated to buy the car. A car without a service history is worth considerably less than one with a complete and up-to-date history.

If you can talk the PO into allowing you access, that would be great. If those records show a good history, then you've just increased the value of your car a thousand dollars!

Good luck with the misfire. I'd probably change the plugs, just for good measure. If the misfire continues, then I'd either replace the O2 sensor or have the code read, probably the latter, as I'm not much for "shot-in-the-dark" diagnosis. The CE light can come on for many reasons, and isolating them at home can be VERY difficult. This is one downside of all 1996+ automobiles, not just MB products. On the other hand, automakers have been forced to make their products more reliable thanks to mandated emission warranty periods. You take the good with the bad.

Gilly is right about the archives in this case. It gives you a starting point for investigation, but does not indicate what the true problem is.
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