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M. E. Salem
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Dear Sir(s),

I would very much appreciate you answering some of my lifetime annoying questions. My Questions are as follows:

1. What is the normal(actual)Idle Speed reading that this particular model should have (read on the RPM Guage, i.e new car-Ideal)?
1.1 Does this change occure by accessive use or some other facts?

2. What are the main factors behind the fluctuating Idle Speed in this specific model or others?
2.1 Does this hold for other cars too?

3. What Does ASD Stand for in simple terms please?
3.1 Currently, The ASD Warnning Light is on.
How Can I fix this problem?

4. Is it possible that I can get a false alarm through the warrning lights?
4.1 If so, What is needed in this case?
4.2 Is it advisable to change some or all of the housed fuses inside the fusebox loacted on the right side of the engine compartment even if they seem to look OK? (Mileage currently reading 81K)

5. The car wonn't jump start as quickly as it used to be whenever I swtich it on.Everything clicks and sounds normal, except for the engine. May I know the reason why?

Thank you for your close attention and prompt response,


M. E. Salem