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Fuel Distrubutor Change

My old 190e needs a fuel distributor, the cars in great shape but has 300.000 miles on it. ive had the car for 11 years so its been maintained, the compression is good. had a rebuilt tranny put in 2 years ago, brakes are good just had a fuel pump put in before the distributor went out. , ect, ect.

I hate to junk it but the cost of a new fuel distributor plus labor about 900 isnt real economical.

My question is how difulcult is it to put a fuel distributor and injectors in? I have the haines manual, im pretty mechincal minded
but some times those manuals leave out something. I could replace it myself for about 500 dollars.

Anybody know where I can get a used fuel distributor instead of rebuilt?
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