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'88, 300TE Won't keep running, Fuel Pump Advice needed

The car was running fine, just wouldn't start after I parked it for 10 minutes. Problem seems to be in the Fuel Pump Relay input signal as I bought a new relay and it still won't start. Signals on pins are as follows, with key on. 15=+12v, 60= ground, 31= ground, 30=+12V, TF=+1.75V, 87= ground w/key off and open w/key on. 87V=open

If I jump 30 to 87V, the cold start relay is activated and the car will start. Obviously the ignition and fuel pumps are therfore o.k., but something is not signalling 87V to send voltage to the cold start relay, and perhaps elsewhere. I can't see any vacuum hose that is loose or any connection that is questionable.

My CD Rom schematics are not very readable, so I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this nasty problem
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