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Two comments

1st impression - had opportunity to drive a new S class from Vancouver to Abbotsford on the highway(about 60 miles). Fast car. Great handling. Dashboard died 3 times along the way, and had to pull over and restart twice. The third time, did a rolling restart (I know -- dangerous). I agree with Akry, parts appear to be more middle end -- ie. grain pattern on the dash, seat leather & others. Stereo was a bit gimicky, but then you don't really have to play with all those options.

2nd impression - pulled up to a red light next to what appeared to be a black C280 (in was night time) in my SL500. Didn't look twice. Started to go (not really hard, but above normal), the C280 (sic) pulled in front of me, shocked, of course my first reaction is to DOWNSHIFT!! The C280 (at this point I think it's a C36 or C43) still stays ahead of me up to about 120 K, then I start to pull ahead. That's when I noticed the headlights in the rear view mirror and realized it was a new S class. I think the styling in the side and rear of the car is quite disappointing.



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