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well capn, yes and no. I wont buy any mods until I know the actual repair cost.

So yes I will fix the car before doing mods, which is why I hope I can get all of the mods done.

I don't plan on buying the bodykit, wheels and tires and shocks, until I know what my repair cost will be.

I'm going to trailer the car to my mb mechanic to have him take a look. if he sees no problem with any bending of the control arm mounts or anything else related or any frame bending, he will be able to easily do my repair.

I was thinking I will try to find a used control arm if possible, and he agrees that while we can easily find a new part for a good price, especially here at fastlane, we might find a used one for half the price or less.

So all I really know for sure is that I will be getting wheels and tires since I need to since my one wheel is damaged, and I need two tires anyway. The cost of repairing the wheel, well its $80.00 for the center cap on the wheel alone and that is unchromed. Then if they repair the wheel, and dechrome then rechrome it, I might end up with tire leaks at the rim edge. if that happens, that money will have been wasted as the wheels I have, have been discontinued for a few years at least and therefore finding a new one is going to be tough. Plus I hate my wheels anyway.

What I plan on doing is getting the new wheels and tires, because I will have to, and I know I can afford them and still have the repairs done.

I will then sell my old wheels on ebay for a low price, missing one center cap and one wheel that is damaged, because I would think I can make a few bucks on those even though one is not great.

My current wheels are very heavy, in fact much heavier than the stock 15" wheel. the seem like almost solid chrome as any curb rash has not chipped the chrome, it has rashed the chrome, but it still retains the shine and still looks chrome wven with the rash.

All in all, My plan is fix the car and add the mods. With the money I have from insurance, I figure I should be able to get it done.

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