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re: power seats - yes, the center and side mirrors work fine powered by the 3-way switch in the center console... I was told the seat mechanisms move fine in all direction when 12V is applied... the switches in the doors seem to do nothing though unfortunately...

I did not just look at fuses, I replaced all of them with new ones however, I will measure them now to double-check

I dunno what kind of stoopid things the previous owner did to the car, so I wouldn't put it past him to having jumped started it... where is that relay (or its fuse?), and how can it be "checked" ? are there any other relays (main relay, or combination relay of some sort) that may be resposible?

removing the vdo will be my last resort, after I fix all the numerous little electric anoyances like missing light bulbs, etc - just so that I know that it isnt something simple...
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