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I think if you do a search on this forum or the "other forum" for Baum Tool CS1000 scanner, you'll turn up a pdf file with a very nice list of all the diagnostic connectors and pinouts. These cars evolved a lot over the years and the early ones like my 1991 300SL do not have OBD I or OBD II. I think that started in 1995. But even within the first 5 years, the diagnostic connectors and procedures changed on many of the systems from year to year. You really need the manual for each particular year car, as the early cars have many diagnostic connectors scattered throughout the vehicle. When looking at info on these forums, you need to keep the model year in mind, as what is said in generalities about something may not apply to your car, particularly in the 129 series. BTW, the diagnostic connector for the soft top on a 1991 is located on the passenger side. You do not need a LED for this test as you read the flashes on the top accuator switch.
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