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Originally Posted by RBYCC View Post
Other then pulling the R16 resistor which I believe will give around 6 degree advance on a USA car, all else is stock.

No mods made to the KE-Jetronic III, fuel pumps, fuel distributor, EZL, ignition,etc...

Just trying to prove that you don't have to go to EFI to make power.

The Split Second and the two injectors gives a 11.8 AFR under full boost...
I would expect with traction ( drag radials ) to run low 13's around 105+...with 0-60 around five...
Interesting, this would mean that in stock NA form the timing is very conservative even when advanced to max i.e. resistor removed. I don't see any problems for making power with the CIS (after all people made power even with carbs :-) ) as long as it's in good working order (of course with a piggyback like the SS). In my book it's the simplest way, also this way you retain the factory tuning when of boost and it's also easier to tune since you just map the on boost part .
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