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After deciding ramps are too much trouble,
I've been draining the oil in three different makes of cars (300SD, Volvo 745 and Camry V-6) without the use of ramps.
Depending on the car and the location of the drain plug, crank the steering wheel one direction or the other (you'll have to figure out which way) and the plug should be reachable through the wheel well.
I do wear overalls, rubber gloves, etc. and use a piece of carpet as it does require lying down on the floor.
Once the routine is worked out, it goes a lot quicker then setting up ramps, plus in most cases you get a more complete drain if the car is level.
Maybe it's just lucky coincidence that I've been able to do this in these cars.
(I'm able to replace the oil filters from above the engine compartment.)

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