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wiring harness

well...i called mbusa and asked about the whole fake recall/goodwill repair for my '95 e320 and
she said it's not a full recall and that it is up to the dealer if they want to repair it or not.
well..i went to my local dealership and i fibbed a little bit. i told them that i had called mbusa and they said my local dealer would give me a goodwill repair. hee-hee-heee
they gave me a lil hard time at 1st. The service manager of course played dumb like it wasn't a normal occurence on these cars..yeah right!!!
i think he was impressed with all of the information i was barking at him though
thx to this forum of course!!!
well..he told me he would have to check with his
rep and he'd call me back. well..he did call me
back and said that they would have to check my
car for themselves to determine weather it did
need a new wiring harnass. so i brought it in
and he checked it. of course it was bad and he
said that they'd be willing to cover the cost of
the part ($780.00) but i would have to pay for
the labor. i asked how much...he said the book
reads 6hrs labor time on the repair. yeah right!!
i showed a lil hostility because my mechanic told
me it would take 2hrs...3hrs tops and i told him that. He said it would cost me around $500.00.
Hmmmmmm...not 2 bad...better than payin parts
and labor so i agreed and told him, "I GUESS I
but inside i was doing cartwheels.
he also asked me if i wanted to put the car on the machine ($250) to read all the codes and stuff because they couldn't guarantee the new wiring harness was going to cure my engine light coming on and the hesitation problem. i declined since
my tech had already done that and i knew all the codes already.
so the whole damn thing cost me $486.00.
the funny thing is...after all of that crap the
service manager turned out to be right.
i still have the hesitation problem and the
engine light come on a few days later...SH#@!!!
now i have to go bark at my tech for having me
go thru all of this (even though the car did
need a harness) it wasn't causing the problem.
guess i'll try the coil ends now...keep ur fingers
crossed...i'll keep ya posted.
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