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made some progress today... changed the battery, still nothing different... still no gauges...

never found that voltage protection relay... any info? also are there any other main relays?

figured out my X11 diagnostic connector - the California's LED and Switch *only* apply to the DM (Diagnostic Module, OBD) system... all other systems still need to be tested with a tool (either built or bought)...

I read the codes for the tops - was giving me #20 with hardtop on, I removed it now it says #1 - so everything is good... reset them anyway... still a weird issue - the soft and hard tops lock IN just fine with the switch, lock mechanism moves and clicks in... but they dont UNLOCK, and the soft-top is not moving with power, although works fine manually...

so yeah, lots of work still ahead... but then I drove on a winding country road for a few miles with the tops off (first time), and it made it all worth it...
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