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The part that goes into the dipstick tube is 1/4" flexible plastic tubing. The tubing is more than long enough to reach the bottom of the oil pan. All Mercedes since the mid '70s have dipstick tubes that go to the bottom of the oil pan. Just keep feeding tubing until you bottom out on the oil pan...then back off a little so you don't create a vacuum against the bottom of the pan or for best results cut the end of the tube at 45 degrees. Here's the way you use it:

1) Make sure your oil is warm but not hot.

2) Pinch off the large diameter plastic hose with the hose clamp.

3) Pump the bicycle pump about 50 times to create a vacuum in the can.

4) Insert the small plastic tube into the dipstick tube.

5) Release the clamp.

6) Loosen your oil filter to allow oil to drain out and then replace oil filter.

7) Wait about 10 minutes until you start to hear a gurgling sound.

8) Slowly push the tube up and down to get the last few drops sucked out.

The Topsider also includes 2 caps to replace the pump and tubing connection so you can seal the can for transport to your recycling center. Nothing could be easier!

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