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Cool, finally! Thanks Gilly. However if those were true recommendations, wouldn't the majority of the country be using 20w-40 or 50 for the majority of the year, when it doesn't get below 23?? It only gets below 23 in cleveland a few days a year, and we have crap for weather. If these recommendations are correct, why did the MB dealer in Ft Lauderdale put 10w-30 in my car? Not trying to dispute your list of recommendations, just trying to interpret them in their practical use. I think they've pointed me in the right direction tho. Most likley in florida, i'll be using the 5w-40 instead of the 5w-30. I usually only see 20w-50 in racing oil formulations. Can you shed any light gilly?

Also, are there any specific notations in your list/manual that denote diesel specific recommendations? I'd be surprised if MB overlooked the slightly different needs of diesels. Thanks again, we're getting somewhere!
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