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thats why I am about to take the car to my trusted mb tech, because I know he will give me straight answers.

I don't trust bodyshops much to do mechanical repairs. bodywork yes, but suspension etc no.

If my mechanic finds he can just replace the bent parts and the car will be fine, then of course I will have him get it aligned for me. He knows how to set everything, he's been doing it for 30+ years, and I trust him 100%.

I plan on going with sport shocks. I will most likely have it aligned to sportline specs if my mechanic feels it will work nicely.

He loved how my car rode and drove witht he lowered springs and loved how it looked, and he normally hates lowered benzes. In fact he still talks about my lowered car whenever I see him. He always compliments on how much he likes it.

I am not taking the repair lightly, I am going to scrutinize every little detail, to make sure its fixed right.

I have a bodyshop guy who can work wonders with bent frames, I've seen him take a 300e that was totalled fromt he front, and he repaired to factory specs, and the car came out perfect. he gave the car to his wife, and he has had no problems with anything on it from alignment to tires to suspension to anything else.

My main hope is that there is no frame or control arm mount damage. If there is none, then my mech can easily do the repairs needed.

He will definately be repacking the bearings, and might do all the bushings with sportline bushings if bushings are needed.

I am still toying with the idea of a used control arm, as it will match up with the already used parts on the car, plus I can save money on it, which is a big plus.

I see no problem with using certain used parts. I mean how often does a control arm get out of whack unless it has been hit?

I just hope I will be able to squeeze in all my mods. But first priority is fix whats broke.

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