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White smoke from exhaust, burning oil

My 1990 560 SEL is burning white smoke out the exhaust once the engine is warmed up. This happens after being idle (at a stop light, for instance). Upon acceleration, a big cloud of white smoke puffs out of the exhaust pipe. One more thing, since this has started, I've used 19 quarts of oil (Mobil 1) in just 4200 miles. The transmission fluid is fine. Something's going on here and it appears expensive to fix! I suppose this is a valve job, but I'd like to know for sure before spending all that money. Is there anything short of a valve job that can be done? (I tried SeaFoam without success.) It's taken four weeks advance booking to get the car into the mechanic so I need an answer before Monday May 6th or else the wallet gets sucked dry.
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