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Glovebox lockout

My glovebox has an attitude. This is the compartment perfect for a pair of sunglasses (or the crappy analog phone that's in there now) above the a/c vents on the dash of R129s and W220s. Some earlier posts say there's a tool to pull the phone module out? Where can I get it? - I am really tempted to just crush it with a hammer - but probably not the best idea. Beyond that, however, whenever I lock my doors with the key from outside, and I return and unlock my doors, that glovebox remains locked - as if I had used the key to put it in that permanent lock position, even though it's not. It can only be unlocked again with the key. It's very frustrating. I understand that it locks when I lock the car, however, all the other compartments unlock when I unlock the car. It's in the correct position, etc. - but I have to unlock it with the key, and can then I can use it for the period until I lock my doors again when I leave my car. And then, when I return, you guessed it, I have to use the key again to open it. Sounds confusing but it's not. Just annoying. Any ideas??

1996 SL500 47k
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