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I'm starting to worry a problem my car is having: with engine cold when braking and hitting the 30KPH (~20MPH) mark the transmission downshifts and a BIG "tunk" is heard from the back end, seemingly from the passenger side. This does not happen after the engine has warmed up and is much less noticeable if I am not braking. Upshifts are OK. Not extra smooth, but nothing to complain about.

The vacuum to the transmission is OK, there is but a small vacuum leak in the climate control (tracked it down to a solenoid activated valve in the dash, only leaks when powered, so I can take that out of the equation). Also, the transmission will not downshift under acceleration. I need to hit the switch at the end of the accelerator's travel for it to downshift.

Any help/experience/tip appreciated.


1982 300D -