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In the UK

1. Hi all just got to my new station at RAF Croughton, UK it is located in the middle of Oxford, Milton Keynes and North Hampton.
2. I’ve seen many Mercedes-Benz vehicles not offered in the US like the “A” Class and other chassis that we have in the US but over here with smaller engines.
3. Well we have shipped our 190E and the 260E with us, I wonder if anyone knows of any good shops around this area. Dealers are OK but they have to prove to me their worth. What I had in mind was a shop operated by someone who races these cars for a hobby or even armature/pro status. In other words an enthusiast like we are. I do most of my own maintenance but some times I need a wheel alignment or can’t do something because of the right tools.
4. Also looking for “Mercedes tuners” are what the British calls them. These folks customized and concentrate on performance upgrades. I have heard of Birds are there anyone else?
5. Last the junkyards for Mercedes I think the British calls them “Breakers”, any with self serve pick and pull available?
6. I’m willing to drive to these places since you can go a little faster in this country and everything is within a half days ride.

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