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The question was asked about viscosities. If you want to discuss synthetic vs Dino, or different brands, etc, that's a different subject. I was only giving the approved viscosities. The booklet number I quoted from October 2000 is still the one supplied with 2002 MB's, and covers all FSS cars, and has recommendations for pre-FSS cars, which in effect states that for pre-FSS cars, if it meets current API standards, the oil is APPROVED, period.
It seems obvious to me that the best viscosity to use would be one of the 5 viscosities listed for all temps, particularly in a climate with wide temperature extremes, and especially if the oil change interval is such that the oil will be in the engine for 6 months or more.
In the booklet I mentioned, they do list the specific oil brands which are recommended. The link that Chris posted looks correct as compared to the booklet. I am sure you would be able to order the booklet number I quoted in my last post. If you call the MB 800#, they may even send it to you for free.
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