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I can't swear to it in a 124 chassis, but on a 606 engine in a 210 chassis, it's a little different than Charles described. You should be able to find the main filter, it's on the drivers side of the engine, high up and on the front. It hangs underneath a housing, looks a little like an oil filter. You'll see the head of a bolt on top of the housing that holds the filter in place.
If you look at that bolt head, then look more towards the engine itself, you should see a black disc being held down by a 'Y" shaped bracket with a smaller bolt. That's actually the pre-filter on this engine. Just remove the bolt and bracket and pull it out.
One trick about the pre-filter is that the prefilter needs a new o-ring to seal it, and it hasn't been included in the prefilter box lately, so be sure to get a new o-ring and put it on the new prefilter before installing it, or the engine won't run long, the filters will fill up with air due to the missing o-ring.
ps when installing the new main filter, I recommend filling it with Diesel fuel prior to installing it.
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