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Larry D
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Question Does the 115 instrument cluster just pull out?

My 115 (a 1976 240D) finally needs the instrument cluster bulbs changed. I found lots of posts about simply pulling the cluster out of the panel on a 123 model, but nothing specifically for its predecessor the 115. Same procedure, or is there a different trick? Also, do I REALLY have to disconnect the oil pressure gauge line to get the cluster out far enough to change bulbs? If so, this will mean that instead of changing the bulbs, I duct tape a small flashlight on the steering column, pointing at the gauges. REALLY!! Every unpleasant mechanical experience I've had with this car has been somehow connected to that dirty, sooty engine oil! I'm sure that when my doctor takes blood for my physical, he finds traces of black oil that's soaked through my fingers! And those scenes from X-Files gave me nightmares for weeks!

Thanks in advance for the help!

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