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This w/e I had a CD head installed by a reputable dealer. However, after I picked up the car this morning I noticed several components were not working. The windscreen wiper is not giving fluid, my cruise control doesn't work, the LCD outside temp. display is off, and the fan blower, vent selector, and electric windows buttons fail to light up (however, they do work).

I have a Hayes manual and reviewed it during lunch to see if they were all connected to the same fuse or relay. I checked the fuses and everything fine, but the manual doesn't go into the specifics of the relays. Is there one that connects them all, or did these guys do some serious damage?

When I called and informed them of the trouble, all they told me was to check the fuses.

I'm just looking for ammo/info before I head back to their shop this evening.


Also, is this normal and should I have to pay if they did something wrong?