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The dealer has had the car for two days now! But, I did inspect each fuse carefully before I took it back. None appeared blown. But here is a new thing, and I'm not too familiar with auto mechanics so work with me...

The dealer called today to ask permission to "jump" my car. He said that sometimes electrical circuits "backup" and you have to "flush them" by unplugging the battery cables and jumping the car! This sounded like bull**** to me, so I called the Mercedes dealer and they were closed. I told the garage I'd call tomorrow to deny or grant permission, I just wanted to get some advise from someone first.

I don't know if this is normal or not. Is it? I do remember when I had the car tuned, the dealer told me that I could not jump the car like a normal auto if it ever went dead because of some type of fuse.

I'm just nervous that these guys have ripped me off or are trying to because they ruinned something electrical.

Any help, please. Sorry so long.