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Burning that kind of oil volume can generate white smoke. If the white stuff lingers for a while and smells like oil, it is oil. Oil burns blue when it is actually being burned pretty thoroughly. Lots of oil will quench the combustion and leave the engine as white, heated oil smoke/mist. You might want to take care of this quickly as your catalytic converter is not going to be happy with the quantity of oil you have put through it.

A dry and wet (squirt some engine oil in the cylinder before the test is done) compression check will give you a good indication of what kind of event you are dealing with - the dry test will tell you the relative condition of your internal engine parts, while the wet test will identify where the faults lie in the weak cylinders. If the wet results are the same as the dry ones, the problem is likely valves. If it gets better wet, you probably have a ring or cylinder wall problem. The head will be expensive but the cylinder and piston repair will be much more expensive. The compression check will be cheap.

Good luck, Jim
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