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Following up here:

Wow! Incredible what you find when you look closely. When I first pulled the airbox off, I took one casual look around and said, "All OK." It was pure luck that I noticed the one cracked ground wire and dug in more deeply.

Well, looking more closely, I found *massive* deterioration and damage to the harness. At least one cylinder apparently has no injector pulse delivery, as the wires appear to be too far gone inside their jacket to be able to conduct. Just because things look neat on the surface is no guarantee.

The car is benched until I can tow it into a dealer. Thanks for your comments, guys! Your standards of technical excellence are astonishing. Responding to a couple of points here:

Kebowers says:
>Have the dealer check ALL the underhood wiring harness. Insist the Tech slit open all the covers and check them.

Yeah, after what I just found, I can absolutely see the sense in that. The harness covers apparently provide little or no protection to the wires inside; they may even accelerate the insulator breakdown -- heat retention, maybe? Wires were literally disintegrated at one spot inside the cover. Just gone.

euro287 says:
>Make sure he looks at the EA
Roger wilco. Quite a list! Just how many harnesses are there on an M119 engine? My previous impression was that there were two master harnesses, one "top" and one "bottom".

If someone has a definitive list, I'll politely ask the service advisor to have every single one looked at.

fad said:

>you may wish to do a couple of other super do-your-selfr's - - cheap insurance items:
>power steering cloth wrapped hose (search)
> oil check relief valve (search)

Yep. Thanks for the reminder. P/S appears safe for now but will get worked on. I have the parts list for check valve + relief valve + o-rings and I'll do the full install at home, since I'm competent to handle that work. Unless that is a Starmark item -- no one has ever described the oil mods as a warranty-coverage circumstance.

>let us know what happens w/ the Starmark claim, will you be taking your 500e to SF Fact Authr Service @ Clay or the another shop?

Fad, no, the car and I are not in SF, I'm travelling back East. But I will follow up on the dealer/MBUSA response to the problem, and rate them for satisfactory performance.

Frankly, I have heard complaints from others about both MB-of-SF, and Autobahn, which two are the sum of dealer service departments on the Peninsula. No problems myself with either, but on the other hand, I haven't ever brought either one a big job like this.

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