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I'm with Alon on this one. Go to Sears and pick up a good Craftsman metric socket, open/box end wrench, allen wrench set etc. They do a pretty good job of offering different size sets based on how much you are going to spend. Make sure you get a set of those metric allen wrenches that have the "ball" shape on one end along with a "Swivel" socket extension and something to turn the 27mm crank socket with (1/2" drive wrench). You want a 1/4" and 3/8" drive socket wrench set. You will eventually want to pick up a high quality torque wrench.

I remember saving money from cutting grass, picking up sticks, cropping tobacco etc.. all summer and getting my dad to take me to Sears where I spent every bit of that $500 on a pretty complete set of tools. That was around 1969 or 70 I guess. I even purchased metric tools back then because I was wrenching on Yamaha and Honda motorcycles. Alot of those original tools are still in my toolbox and used today.
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