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One of our kats had a knack for peeing on the stove. Not only that, but he was able to target stove vent! Repeadidly, Iím sorry to add. The first time we found about that we literally had to evacuate the house. We ended up having to get a glass top stove and keep itís vent covered when the oven is not in use. Yes we should have kooked the kat instead, but we are soft-hearted when it comes to our 4 legged friends....

The test would be to get a flourescent black light, put the car in a dark room, and shine the light down the air intake. Kat pee flouresses pale yellow under black light. BTW an incandescent black light wonít work. Now how youíre gonna be able to look down the vent is another problem.

There are products that will remove most pet odors. Natureís miracle, which is available at pet stores, is one such product. Use it liberally as you have to put in more natures miracle than you had kat pee to begin with.

All of this aside, there a possibility that the odor is simply the result of bacteria build up in the AC system. Odors are fairly common as the system accumulates water and whatever else the intake sucks in and will sit and fester until something grows....and dies.

Best of luck, keep smiling, and keep those windows opened for a while....

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