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I just replaced the head on my 88 Chevy S10. All with Sears tools. They do just fine. I found that when I needed something special, I just went out and picked it up. And, let me say, when it comes to tools, I NEVER sell them or get rid of them. Buy some peg board from a hardware store (4'x4' at least) and put it up in your garage, shed or basement. Then, hang the unusual tools that don't fit in your tool box on it. You'll be surprised how many times you'll grab tools off those hooks! As far as professional mechanics not using Craftsman tools, I have known many who have accounts with snap-on and other tool companies. These companies have delivery vans that show up at professional garages just full of tools for these mechanics to buy. It's like a bookmobile full of tools. The mechanics have accounts and sometimes pay off the tools over time. This is also convienent for them because they don't have to go to the store and waste valueable time. These tools are very good, but expensive. Besides, these mechanics use these tools EVERY day. I'm sure you'll find craftsman tools to be better than adequite for anything you'll do in your driveway. I sure have.
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