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Yeah, well it looks like I really can't go wrong with Craftsman...I mean they replace anything no questions asked. Good deal if ya ask me. Two concerns about torque wrenches though:

1)What size drive should I get? And will I need a small one, like an inch/pounds? (Don't know what the metric equivilant is... newton/centimeters maybe??)

2) On the Sears site, their torque wrenches (bout 70 bucks) are accuarate within +-4%. Now we all know that torque can be very crucial, probably even more so on our beloved european cars. Is this 4% worth noting? I mean if I were to torque something to 100ft lbs, them it could be 96 or 104...isn't that quite a bit, especially if dealing with a sensitive part? Should I go with a more expensive one?

Thanks guys for all the advice!
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