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Col Tigwell
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Well my friend, in regard to a torque wrench, you need to buy it in 1/2" drive, any less then the higher settings will not able to be selected.

If you are on a limited budget, then stay away from the larger kits, lots of bits, but I suspect that you and I, would never use them. Though if you are carefull kits can be a good buy, especially ones that have a range of sockets for example.

Torque wrenches need to be calibrated often, here is Australia, you can take them to a certified shop, who do a good job.

If you can buy one that has both a rod indicator, and makes a click, that is the best kind, because if the area you are working in, is noisey, you cannot here the click when the required torque is obtained.

DO NOT USE A TORQUE WRENCH TO UNDUE ANYTHING, nothing messes up the calibration quicker.

Sometimes you can pick up second hand torque wrenches at a good price, but only buy a good brand, and have it calibrated before putting into service.

Unfortunately most wrenches do not get a lot of work, but you really cannot do a professional, job without one.

best of luck, in all your efforts


Col Downunder
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