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ATT'N senior techs-expertise needed!!!

while on my way home from a 2000 mile(round trip) vacation i lost the "power" in my power brakes.i noticed while i was slowing down from 75mph-talk about a wake-up call!when i stopped i looked under the hood.i thought the fluid looked low and assumed it was low due to pad thickness-i bought new pads&rotors but hadn't put them on prior to the trip.i got ready today to do the swap but checked the brake fluid level and it was at the right level(i guess i thought it was low 'cause it's hard to read).so now what do i do?the pads/rotors don't look too bad-pads are a bit thicker than backing plate(how thin do you let them get?)when i used my brakes i'd have to push them down far and hard but they did eventually work.i did a search for "brakes" and read one subject that said they had spongey brakes(is that what you'd call my brakes?) and traced it to a vacuum leak.i think he also had a problem with his door vacuum.i on the other hand only have brake concerns.any ideas?thanks for being patient-i sure had a case of literary diahrea today.thanks in advance!!!
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